Bears’ control playoffs and 1-seed in the NFC

NFL power rankings: Bears control their playoff destiny originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The last NFL game in 2020 has been played, and a new year awaits. While the playoff picture is a lot clearer, there are still some seeding to resolve.

Can the Bears beat the Packers to secure a playoff spot, or will their destiny lie in the hands of a Rams team missing Jared Goff?

Can the Seahawks or Saints sneak into the 1-seed in the NFC?

And what about the AFC, where a division title and the three Wild Card slots are open to give teams with a 10-5 record. An AFC team with double digits won’t make the playoffs while an NFC East team with a losing record will.

So, how do the teams stand heading into the final week of the season?


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Published: 2020-12-29 04:50:54

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