Bills safety Jordan Poyer reveals he’s one year sober

Bills safety Jordan Poyer revealed that he’s been sober for a full year. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer celebrated an important personal anniversary on Saturday, and we only know about it because he had the strength and courage to share it with the world.

Poyer announced in an Instagram post on Saturday that it was the one-year anniversary of his sobriety. On March 13, 2020, Poyer quit drinking and sought help for his addiction to alcohol.

‘It’s never too late to seek help’

Poyer, 29, said in his post that he used alcohol as a way to avoid problems and stress. It got particularly bad after the Bills were eliminated from the playoffs last year.

After we lost to Houston in 2019, I felt I didn’t play the way I wanted to and we lost in such a bad way that for the next 5 weeks after that game I drank every damn day. Stressed about my contract, stressed with family, stressed about life I just didn’t know any other way to cope.

Poyer described the affect his drinking had on his wife, Rachel, and their daughter Aliyah.

My wife had seen it first hand and honestly if it wasn’t for her & the consistent support from my family and friends idk where I would be. I remember days she would cry because I just couldn’t put a beer down. I remember not being able to play with Aliyah cause I was too intoxicated. I remember feeling thoughts in my head; that would scare the hell out of sober me now.

After getting some advice from his mother, Poyer wrote that he went to several Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which helped him put his problems in perspective. He thanked his wife, his family, and his friends for their endless support, but admitted that he’s still embarrassed that he ever had this problem to begin with. However, that didn’t stop him from posting about it, because he knows that there are other people out there like him, and he hopes that his story can help them.

Can’t lie even writing this, Im embarrassed, it’s shameful, but If I can overcome the struggle of alcohol, so can you. I didn’t want you all to know this about me. I’m writing this because I know others out there struggle as well.. If you believe that is you; it’s never to late to seek help & to let you know My DMs are open for questions or support.

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Published: 2021-03-14 15:29:16

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