Randy Moss breaks down infamous ‘Lambeau Moon’

Randy Moss still remembers every detail of the incredible and infamous fake moon he pulled off 16 years ago, and you won’t be surprised to find out that he still has zero regrets. 

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer has tweeted two videos he took of Moss, his former teammate, breaking down the fake moon and all the details that led up to it. Moss and others are sitting around a roaring fire at a restaurant, and Moss is regaling them with the story behind one of the funniest on-field moments ever. 

Here’s a quick recap of the event itself: Moss fake mooned Green Bay Packers fans in 2005 during a wild-card game after catching a touchdown that gave the Minnesota Vikings a lead they would not relinquish. In the end zone, he turned his back to Packers fans and pretended to pull his pants down. 

But it’s a whole lot more fun to hear Moss tell it from start to finish. 

Randy Moss talking the Lambeau moon. I can’t say enough what a great man he is. Thank you Randy for the special afternoon. 🐐 pic.twitter.com/oBFiYPQbjb

— Tommy Kramer (@Kramer9Tommy) March 21, 2021

Moss breaks down the moon

Moss started by explaining what led up to that phenomenal moment during the wild-card game. It started when Moss injured his hamstring earlier in the season, preventing him from playing in either of the regular season Vikings-Packers games. The Packers beat the Vikings both times, and Moss couldn’t forget the Wisconsin band, which played at Packers games, having “where you at, Moss?” spelled out in the bells of their horns. 

Story continues

Then Moss recalled the day of the game when he and his teammates rode into Lambeau Field on the bus. On the way in, they saw a bunch of Packers fans mooning them, which gave them all a big laugh.  

“There’s probably like 10 white asses sitting over there over the hill, they’ve got all their pants down,” Moss said. “Nothing but white moons all lined up.”

Those 10 pantsless Packers fans inspired Moss. After his big touchdown, he “pushed off” one of his teammates trying to give him some love, because he had a plan. And that plan was to give Packers fans a dose of their own medicine with his fake moon. 

Moss, who confirmed that he never had any plans to actually pull his pants down and show his behind to the crowd, said that it was “all in fun.” Unfortunately, not everyone agreed. Joe Buck went way overboard and called it a “disgusting act,” and the NFL ended up fining Moss $10,000. 

Moss telling the story is absolutely priceless. He recalls a ton of details surrounding the fake mooning, and even imitates the Packers fans who originally mooned him. Hopefully these videos convince someone to produce a “Story Time with Randy Moss” show, because it’s clearly something the world needs.

Randy Moss has zero regrets about pretending to moon Packers fans in 2005. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

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