Bears return could work, but they haven’t given “viable option”

The window for teams to use the franchise tag opens next week and closes on March 9, so Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson could get some idea of where things stand with the Bears in the near future.

Robinson’s three-year deal with the team is up and he said recently that “everything is on the table” as far as where he’ll go in the future. A tag from the Bears is one of those options, although Robinson made it clear to Tyler Dunne of Go Long that he’d prefer the team take a different path to extending his stay in Chicago.

As of now, though, the team hasn’t provided the wideout with such a path.

“My personal opinion, if something could possibly work? Yes,” Robinson said. “I’m not opposed to being back in Chicago by any means. I’ve even expressed that over the last couple of years — wanting to be the all-time leading receiver in Chicago which, I believe, I’m under 2,000 yards away from that. With all that being said, unfortunately we’ve come to what seems to be a fork in the road. But not even a fork. We haven’t even been given a viable option to be able to do those things that we want to do without sacrificing a ridiculous amount pretty much for the rest of my career.”

A report this week suggested the Bears could tag Robinson with designs on trading him. Robinson said that pushing for a trade if he does get tagged is “definitely an option,” so that fork in the road appears to be one with more prongs than usual.

Allen Robinson: Bears return could work, but they haven’t given “viable option” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

Published: 2021-02-19 11:47:16

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