Eagles’ Nick Sirianni won’t commit to quarterback plans, praises both Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts

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The Philadelphia Eagles have a quarterback conundrum in their midst, with Carson Wentz facing an uncertain future with the franchise and Jalen Hurts unsure if he’ll be the team’s starter next season. That’s the task new coach Nick Sirianni will have to figure out over the next several months, even though he won’t publicly admit his plans for the Eagles quarterback position in 2021.

“We have two quarterbacks in Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts that are top notch — that are top-notch quarterbacks,” Sirianni said to reporters Friday. “And a lot of teams don’t have any. So just really excited to work with both of them.

“As far as the starter (at quarterback), I haven’t really thought about that yet. That hasn’t even crossed my mind. Just trying to evaluate the players on our team and get the staff together.”

Sirianni said he did speak with Wentz, but also said he couldn’t answer if Wentz will actually be back with the Eagles. The Eagles coach is intrigued with the idea of having two quarterbacks at the moment, even if that may not be the case come the time training camp starts. 

“That’s unbelievable to have two quarterbacks who have played and that have played well,” Sirianni said to Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro on Thursday. “Man, what an impressive player (Wentz is). He’s got so much talent, and from what I’ve heard from everybody, great person. Good talent, good person, it takes your game to really high levels. So excited. 

“Jalen got his snaps last year and was able to play last year and he played good football in meaningful games. Not a lot of people have that luxury of having two quarterbacks that have experience, so super excited to be able to work with them because, obviously, we all know how important that position is to a football team.”

Published: 2021-01-30 05:29:26

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