Pats make big move for their next quarterback

Perry’s Patriots Mock Draft: Belichick gets his new QB originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Patriots are in a difficult position. They need a quarterback. Clearly. And though they’re picking at No. 15 overall, higher than they’re used to, they’re in all likelihood going to be out of range for the top-four quarterbacks in this year’s draft class.

What now? They could trade for a quick fix like Jimmy Garoppolo. Or they could sign a band-aid option like Ryan Fitzpatrick. But in either scenario, what are they building toward? A trade will mean real draft capital out the door and a significant cap hit. A free-agent signing, considering the talent available in this year’s crop of potential signees, might be nothing more than a year-long solution. 

The draft is where most teams can really put themselves on the path to long-term contention. The Patriots are no different. That’s why in this seven-round, team-specific mock draft we’re going to make sure the Patriots come away with a true cornerstone piece at the game’s most valuable position. 

In this exercise, the Patriots acknowledge they don’t want to be picking in the mid-teens again any time soon. They also acknowledge that this is a year in which a franchise-caliber quarterback could be available beyond the first couple of picks. Add it all up and . . . sounds like a good year to trade up. Way up.

Let’s get into it.

Click here for Perry’s 2021 Patriots NFL Mock Draft

Published: 2021-02-15 23:25:33

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