Tom Brady says Gronk has loved this season in Tampa Bay

When Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the Patriots, he indicated that football had worn him down both physically and mentally. When he came back to the Buccaneers for this season, he felt better than ever.

That’s the word from his longtime teammate Tom Brady, who said that Gronk has been feeling phenomenal in Tampa Bay.

“He’s super excited because he feels so good,” Brady said. “He’s played 20 games this year. I think that’s the most he’s ever played in his career. He’s one of the most unique people. Just being around him, he’s so positive. I think everybody wishes in their next life they come back as Rob just because he’s got such a great personality about him, just his way of being positive. He’s a really high achiever. He’s very competitive and I see the competitive nature, the determination. When you’re down and out, you want him with you. I think that speaks to him as a teammate, as a person and I love playing with him. I’ve known him for a long time and I’m just so proud of all of his accomplishments. He’s an amazing guy. I know for both of us, we rely on each other a lot for different things. I’ll be looking for him this Sunday, so that’s the most important thing.”

Sunday is Brady’s 10th Super Bowl, and it’s Gronkowski’s fifth. They’ve been in a lot of big games together.

Tom Brady says Gronk has loved this season in Tampa Bay originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

Published: 2021-02-05 09:58:57

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